The leader of the Colombian guerrilla National Liberation Army (ELN), Nicolas Rodriguez, reiterated that they are ready to talk with the government of Juan Manuel Santos, “without conditions”. In a letter posted on its website, Rodríguez Santos said that since Santos invited to sit down and talk last year, they appointed spokesmen who would be on the table.

colombia-eln-nicolasrodriguHe added that although various sectors of the country demand the start of the approaches, “the Government’s response is a contradictory silence or absurd conditions that obstruct the possibilities and contradict its word.”

As for us, he said, there is not only will but specific mechanisms for this exchange. President Santos is who should set this before the country.

In his view, the current table of peace between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army based in Cuba since November 2012, holds a deep discussion that fails to reach an agreement between the parties on the peace model that Colombia requires.

This prompts huge concerns in all spheres of society, but the effort, he said, is important because it is part of the complex path of reconciliation.