The OAS General Secretary ensured his support for the ongoing peace talks between the government and rebel group FARC, reminding that the electoral process should not delay the negotiations, as a national radio station reported on Thursday.

The General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, stated that the organization would support the ongoing peace process between the government and the country’s oldest rebel group FARC in Havana, Cuba, like it did with the demobilization process of defunct paramilitary group AUC in 2006.

Still, he insisted that the upcoming elections 2014 should not interfere with the peace talks.

“Sometimes these processes delay a little when countries have elections, but that’s part of democracy. That means that some aspects which were not agreed on in one period, have to be passed on into another period and I’m sure the process will continue properly,” the General Secretary said, reported national radio station Caracol Radio.

While Insulza said he did not consider a truce or demilitarized zones crucial for the success of the peace process, he insisted that a military victory should not be the condition of peace: negotiations are the right way to obtain peace.

Last week, the FARC announced that it would implement a 30-day ceasefire from 15 December, but President Juan Manuel Santos said the army would continue to pursue the rebels after they attacked a police station a day earlier, killing at least eight people.

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“Peace should be obtained on the basis of dialogue, not under the condition of a military victory. If someone thinks he can obtain peace by the use of armed force he is very wrong,” the General Secretary was quoted saying.

If successful, the peace talks will put an end to nearly 50 years of conflict between rebels and state during which more than 220,000 Colombians were killed and more than 4 million persons were displaced from their homes.


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