Luis Alberto Moreno

Educating a modern workforce and promoting innovation are the keys for Colombia’s economic development, according to the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

To move forward, Colombia needs to work on these “basics” IADB President  Luis Alberto Moreno said in a Colombian radio report on Tuesday.

“We need to develop science and technology from a regulatory framework that can produce a useful workforce and provide training incentives to spread knowledge,” Moreno said, “How to give the best quality of education is the focus of debate about the future.

“That includes ensuring that education is linked with the workforce. We need to provide educational opportunities of the highest standard to all our young people.”

His comments were made last week as part of a summit called “Colombia Competitive Advance, 20 years of Competitiveness.”

Moreno also unveiled plans for a $2million investment in infrastructure funding for Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

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The IADB, founded in 1959, has acted as the main provider of funding for development purposes to Latin America and the Caribbean.


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