Ecuador began work on the new International Rumichaca Bridge in the country”s northern area, on the border with Colombia. This action has been taken in compliance with an agreement between the governments of Ecuador and Colombia, as part of the integration efforts of both countries.

Omar Chamorro, public works director in the province of Carchi, bordering with Colombian territory, explained that the financing would be 50 percent on each of the sides up to $3 billion USD.

Chamorro told the press that the new bridge would be of mixed materials, with a metal structure and an 80-meter-long and 15-meter-wide concrete top, with three car lanes and a 2.5-meter-wide crosswalk.

The project has a 10-month deadline, and also includes concrete reinforcement of the current bridge, built in 1973, which has two car lanes and a 30-ton resistance capacity.

The beginning of these construction works was confirmed just days before a meeting between Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and the Colombian Head of State Juan Manuel Santos.

The official meeting was scheduled for December 11 in Tulcan and also in Carchi, where Correa and Santos will tackle the current relations and their plans for bilateral cooperation.