Governments of Ecuador and Colombia agreed to sign on Wednesday a Maritime Boundaries Agreement, which has been considered as sign of political will between both countries.

A note from the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry says this agreement is the result of a decision taken in December, 2011 by Presidents Rafael Correa and Juan Manuel Santos.

They expressed their will on the basis of boundaries agreements 1916 and 1975.

In February, 2012 both Foreign Ministers agreed in Cali the Mataje River’s mouth as the starting point of the maritime boundary.

The act will be attend by Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, and his Colombian pair, Maria Angela, as well as military from both countries.

Recently, Ecuador managed to add almost 200,000 square kilometers to its maritime territory after joining the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

This condition allows international recognition for a 200-mile continental shelf adjacent to continental territory and a shelf including the Galapagos.