(Still: Telemedellin)

A drunk mechanic driving a police armored van hit a motorcyclist in Colombia’s second-largest city, Medellin, authorities have confirmed.

A civilian mechanic took the armored car out of a repair depot in the northern Medellin suburb of Caribe and just a few blocks away hit the motorcyclist, the Medellin Mobility Department said on Wednesday.

Fortunately the motorcyclist, a local TV cameraman for Telemedellin, suffered only minor injuries.

The mechanic has had his license suspended after registering a level 2 on a breath test taken after the collision. He had stayed inside the vehicle for a full 15 minutes after the crash, before he exited stinking of alcohol and without any documents.

The police were also fined $472 because the vehicle was unroadworthy at the time.

Police have not yet commented on how a civilian came to be driving the armored car.

Site of crash





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