Pink cocaine

The expensive designer drug 2C-B is quickly becoming popular in Colombia’s nightlife, where it reportedly has become the favorite drug of the social elite, reported local newspaper El Pais.

Often sold in high-end discotheques and bars mixed with the high prices has made it famous as the drug for “models and beauty queens” in Colombia.

The rise in sale of synthetic drugs might be part of a bigger picture. The profit from selling designer drugs opens a new market for criminal groups and may also lead to a rise in violence.

A recent massacre in Cali in which eight suspected members of drug trafficking organization “Los Urabeños” were executed might be linked to the national 2C-B trade, according to local TV station Tele Sur.

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Among the eight people massacred was “J1,” an Urabeños commander. Authorities believe he was one of the main distributors of the synthetic drug until his early demise.

2C-B often comes in powder form colored pink making it easy to camouflage.

Ingested orally it’s said to give a high lasting between two to four hours, with consumers experiencing hallucinations and a peak in erotic sensations.

While little to no academic research has been done about the drug, 2C-B is deadly according to Juan Carlos Rios, director of the Center for Toxicological Information.

“[2C-B] Produce diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting and seizures . Then generates depression, insomnia and severe anxiety disorders . Excessive drinking can lead you generate cardiac arrhythmia and cardiac arrests,” the director told newspaper Guioteca.

The relatively new drug was invented by an American chemist in the 70’s, mainly used as an aid during therapy. It has since been classified as a Schedule II narcotic by the United Nations. Other hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and mescaline are categorized as Schedule I narcotics.


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