The former senator Piedad Córdoba hoped President Juan Manuel Santos suddenly good news to the country about the peace process with the FARC -EP, but declined to specify details. The subject was taken this week at a meeting of the dignitary with representatives of the left in the country, which was attended, among others, Congressman Ivan Cepeda and editor of the weekly Voice and spokesperson Patriotic March, Carlos Lozano, who pledged to keep reliability.

colombia_piedad_cordobaShallow way, Cordova told the newspaper El Espectador, which was very interesting to hear the government’s position on the process that takes place in Havana, by the mouth of the head of government team, Humberto de la Calle, and Santos himself.

Interventions Justice Minister Alfredo Gomez and Jorge Orlando Melo Analyst, she said, were very helpful in understanding “the legal and historical dimension of the challenge we are facing”.

It was also mentioned the importance of guarantees in both the peace process and political life of the country, for social movements and groups have for years suffered exclusion and a partial way, of a possible process with the ELN, Cordova affirmed.

Another of the topics covered was the Patriotic March, she added, around which expressed concern about what is happening with the members of that movement in the regions and urban centers.

What is happening, in her view, is so serious that some people call Union Patriotic Patriotic March II, she added.

Cordova explained that, according to records, many leaders were threatened and 200 prosecuted, including academics, grassroots leaders and students.

We can not be indifferent to the danger hanging over our peers and we think even a possible solution in March, she said.

Santos may announce a series of mechanisms that trigger his government, Cordova added, to give Patriotic March, and other organizations, guarantees that go far beyond the purely electoral.