The call for a National Constituent Assembly and a political reform focus claims by the delegation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) to the peace talks with the government.

Such guerrilla claims emerged strongly during the most recent cycles, in which both parties discussed the issue of political participation, the second of the dialogue agenda, held at the Conference Center in Havana since November.

During an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the guerrilla team member to the talks, Andres Paris, reiterated the importance of a National Constituent Assembly as a “secure end of this process.”

This is “the key to peace,” because with it, we enter and build the new Colombia the FARC-EP require until reaching peace, he summarized.

The representative noted the need to change the existing political structures and modify power groups, and asserted that violence will be repeated in case that an agreement is reached, so that this does not end in the Constituent Assembly.

In his opinion, any other mechanism to endorse the agreement is called to be swept by right-wing forces, which already stand threatening and will have electoral expression in this situation,” the insurgent team member warned.

In another moment of his remarks, Paris alluded to the progresses in the talks taking place in Cuba, in which this Caribbean island and Norway act as guarantors, and Venezuela and Chile as companions.

The delegation of the insurgency and the Executive concluded on Saturday, August 10, the 12th cycle of talks, in which the construction of agreements on political participation, the second item on the agreed agenda, began.

On May, the two delegations ended the analysis on agricultural and rural development, with the first agreements both parties achieve.