At 50 storeys Torre Colpatria located at the downtown area in Bogota, Colombia’s capital,  is the tallest building in the country and the second in South America. It was constructed from 1978 until 1979, and has a total height of 196 metres (643 ft). The main headquarters of Colpatria Bank are located in the building, and also a great number of other banks and financial corporations have offices in it. The building lies at the intersection of 26th street and 7th avenue, in the heart of the city’s downtown.

Since 1998 the Colpatria Tower is illuminated every night with thirty-six color changing Xenon lights. On weekends and holidays, the top floor is open to visitors, where a cafeteria and a lookout are located.

Colpatria Tower was to be surpassed as the tallest building in Colombia by a new 206m tall apartment tower that was being built in the city of Cartagena, but that project came to an end after its structure was bent during a series of tremendous winds in 2007 so the city ordered it dismantled. However, in 2014, The BD Bacata complex, in Bogota, with 260 m, will be tallest building in Colombia, and the Colpatria Tower will be on Third Place in the tallest buildings, after the two towers of the complex.


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