Colombia Supreme Court President Ruth Maria Diaz must step down after “shamefully” taking a luxury cruise with colleagues, says the president of the Corporation of Excellence in Justice (CEJ).

CEJ president Gloria Maria Borrero condemned Diaz’ decision to take a week off work to go on a cruise with seven colleagues and said she should resign.

The holiday-making justices have faced stark criticism, not only for neglecting their responsibilities, but also due to a possible conflict of interest as some of the magistrates who had bought her ticket are candidates for the post of president of the Supreme Court’s Civil Chamber.

“It is shameful, not that she went on vacation without permission, but that she went during a time of electoral decision and with candidates to fill the vacancy,” said Borrero of the Supreme Court’s first female president, according to Radio Caracol.

The justice advocate added that Diaz’ controversial cruise must be investigated to determine whether any wrong-doings were committed, and questioned the interests of those who accompanied her on vacation.

“This situation must be investigated. It is possible that we are dealing with a case of influence peddling which has very serious penal implications,” Borrero was quoted in El Tiempo.

Diaz has admitted her colleagues bought her ticket, but claimed that her son gave the implicated magistrates the money for the cruise.

Source: Colombia Reports

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