Colombia’s inspector general said Friday he would challenge the constitutional court’s decision to uphold a law decriminalizing the possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use, Colombia media reported.

Inspector General Alejandro Ordonez said the decision hurt the country’s fight against drug trafficking by encouraging drug use and facilitating microtrafficking within Colombia–which would lead to “grave” consequences for society and individual health, he said.

“Whether or not we’re successful, I am giving immediate instructions to prosecutors asking them to contest the decision,” he said, adding that the move was in accordance with his role as “a representative of society and a defender of the common good.”

“We are facing a judicial order that already depenalized small amounts of drugs years ago and is now doing the same with drug possession,” he said in a press conference Friday morning. “This will undoubtedly justify drug cultivation, production, and trafficking because it protects the suppliers.”

In the meantime Ordonez said he would comply wih the court ruling despite his disagreement.

From Colombia Reports

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