(Photo: Los Mundos de Hachero)

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) has announced all of Colombia’s indigenous people will be part of a “Ceremony for Spiritual Harmonization for peace in Colombia” on Wednesday.

ONIC asks that every Colombian in every corner of the country join them to express their demands for peace, justice, and truth.

“The 102 indigenous communities that live in Colombia, will simultaneously unite their thoughts, spiritual forces, and ancestral knowledge in union with Mother Earth, for peace in our country and to bring Colombians closer to forgiveness and reconciliation in a gran Ceremony for Spiritual Harmonization for peace in Colombia,” stated a press release on the ONIC website.

ONIC also called on Colombians to vote on June 15 for “the end of the armed conflict, and to establish the first step towards consolidating a stable and lasting peace.”

The indigenous organization recently formed part of the “Broad Front for Peace” movement. Last week, the Broad Front for Peace, a collection of civil society organization and activists, announced their support of incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos in the second presidential round on June 15.

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“Vote against the war and the terror that has terrorized the country during the last several decades,” said ONIC in their press release.

The indigenous community invites citizens to support the spiritual celebration for peace by wearing white or using #estamosenarmonizacionxlapaz on social media.


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