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Colombia’s own attempted version of the iconic German Christmas fair will open its doors in Bogota’s El Chico Museum on December 7 and 8, reported the Semana news outlet Tuesday.

The first-ever Colombian “Weihnachstmarkt” will feature a large Christmas tree, artificial snow and wooden stands where presents, decorations and seasonal treats like roasted almonds and chocolate fruits will be sold.

Residents and visitors in the Colombian capital will have the opportunity to get a taste of German culture and learn more about the advent traditions in Germany.

The event was organized by the German-Colombian Chamber for Industry and Trade and is supported by several German companies that have settled in Colombia, such as Kärcher and Volkswagen, which will also unveil its new 2014 models during the festivities.

The inspiration comes from the local markets that began emerging some 500 years ago in the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, where villages still put on public celebrations that include handmade crafts, mulled wine, sweets and puppet shows.

In Germany, these fairs last for weeks during the advent season, but in Bogota, the Weihnachstmarkt will be open on Saturday, December 7th, from 10 AM until 8 PM, and Sunday, December 8th, from 10AM until 7PM.

Organizers hope the event will build on growing trade ties between Colombia and Germany and promote cultural appreciation.


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