The peace talks showed important advances, as informed in this capital by the delegations of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the government of that country, after concluding on Friday the seventh cycle of these talks.

In a joint communiqué, the two parties asserted that these advances took place in the construction of agreements on development with territorial approach and in infrastructure and handling of the land, particularly in issues related to health, education, housing and the eradication of poverty.
Encouragement to agricultural and livestock production and to the economy in solidarity and cooperation were other aspects in which there was rapprochement, according to the document distributed to the press at Havana’s Convention Center, permanent venue of these talks.
The two delegations thanked the office of the United Nations in Colombia and to the National University for the carrying out of the forum on political participation held last week in Bogotá, the results of which will be taken into account by the negotiating table.
Likewise, they also reiterated their appreciation for the efficient support offered by Cuba and Norway, as guarantors of these talks, and by Chile and Venezuela, accompanying them.
Even though the parties agree to describe advances as satisfactory, the head of the governmental team, Humberto de la Calle, in statements to the press on Friday, assessed as insufficient and non constant the pace maintained by the process and expressed the need to make it more dynamic.