(Prensa Latina)  Guerrilla leader Miguel Angel Pascuas, founder of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), said present peace negotiations cannot make the same mistakes of Cagúan (1998-2002).
When the Caguan talks we were confident and when dialogue broke up, the enemy who had prepared for war, attacked with great force, said Pascuas in an interview with digital website Rebelion.

“That’s when the so called Plan Colombia, was applied, directed and armed by the yankees with the pretext of war on drug trafficking, when it was really to eliminate us”, he stressed.

After affirming he will struggle for power until health and life allow him to do so, he pointed their desire to gain this by way of elections and that is why they have insisted on dialogues with the government.

The goal of the guerrilla is to create a political party without getting killed, as the enemy did with the Partido de la Union Patriotica, he added, remembering the genocide where some five thousand followers were massacred.

We are here to negotiate another Colombia for the majority of the people, not to give up or sell out. You can be sure they will not achieve that, he sentenced.

At 72 years, Pascuas has led for the last two and a half decades the 6th Front of the FARC-EP and says he is not afraid to be one of the most wanted men of the guerrilla.

Just one week after travelling to Havana and later to Oslo, Norway (on October 18), the army set me a siege to try to capture or kill me, Pascuas said.

It was in the zone where I should meet the representatives of Cuba and the International Red Cross. When the chopper was arriving with them we took every precaution.

Imagine that to leave Colombia for Cuba and after that, go on to Oslo, to start talks, the government asked the Interpol to withdraw the international orders to capture several of our group.

When we came back from Oslo, the government once again asked for our arrest, orders that are not effective only in Cuba and Norway. Is that logical? Is that honest before the countries that guarantee this process?, he asked.

We have an important part of the people on our side and they are not fighters. It is impossible to make advances in the revolutionary war without political awareness of the people, without the control of the land”, he concluded.