The entire cabinet of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos resigned on Monday as the government is facing the fiercest anti-government protests in recent history and is less than a year away from the 2014 elections.

The mass resignation was announced in a press release on the president’s website, who stressed that in spite their resignation, all ministers, high commissioners and secretaries “expressed their full support to the president.”

“The members of the ministers’ council made their positions available to the president so he has all freedom to make the changes he thinks are pertinent,” the press release said.

According to newspaper El Tiempo, the entire executive staff of the president consists of 30 posts.

The same newspaper said the mass resignation is to show the ministers are taking responsibility for a major crisis caused by an agrarian revolt that left at least seven dead, injured hundreds and forced the militarization of Bogota last week.

The mass resignation in the second in little over a year; In August last year when the government was celebrating the end of its second year in office, all ministers also resigned.

The possibility of a mass resignation was anticipated by economic newspaper La Republica, which last month reported Santos may sack five of his ministers.

Article by Colombia Reports