Buenaventura Crimen

More than 13,000 Buenaventura residents were forcibly displaced from their homes, according to a report released Thursday by the Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The report is the latest account of the security and humanitarian crisis that has consumed the Colombian port-city Buenaventura. In addition the release also reported that over 150 have “disappeared” in the city between 2010 and 2013, double the national average.

Buenaventura lies on Colombia’s Pacific coast and hosts the country’s second biggest port.  Violence has consumed the city, as armed groups fight for control of illegal drug trafficking routes that the port facilitates.

The Buenaventura crisis has been acknowledged by the UN  who visited the city in November 2013. UN representatives called on the government to take “urgent measures,” with little success.

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Since the UN’s visit Colombia’s national media has been reporting upon dismemberment, displacement, assassinations and public protests in Buenaventura.

In the last seven days both the Defense Ministry and the president’s office released statements pledging to attend to Buenaventura’s desperate situation.

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Residents of the city are skeptical of the authorities’ ability to deal with the situation where zero convictions have materialized out of 2000 plus investigations into forced displacement.



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