Mis Colombia, Carmen Lucia Aldana

Colombian women are the sexiest in the world, CNN reported Friday based on a poll by controversial travel website

According to the poll, American men find Colombian women sexier than Brazilian and Americans.

World’s sexiest women

  •     Colombian

  •     Brazilian

  •     American

  •     Spanish

  •     Russian

  •     Dutch

  •     French

  •     Bulgarian

  •     Swedish

  •     Italian

According to CNN, “Colombian women, of course, have rightfully been heralded in the number one spot. We’re all much safer that way.”

Colombian men are not considered particular sexy, the poll showed. The only Latin men to appear in the top ten of the travel website are Brazilians and Puerto Ricans. calls itself an “online dating site for travelers.” It hooks up wealthy frequent flyers with poor but attractive travel wannabes.

However, the website has been accused of blurring the line between online dating and prostitution.

From Colombia Reports

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