Local police warned on Friday that Colombian tourists are at risk from a new extortion scam when travelling to Mexico, according to local media.

Local police reported about new ways of extortion that at least three Colombian tourists have fallen victim to so far while travelling in Mexico City and other cities like Cancun or Acapulco:

After the victim has checked in to one of the upper class hotels, a hotel employee passes all the personal data on to the criminal organization involved in the scam – “Los Zetas.”

Soon after, the vicitm receives an “official” phone call telling him that there is a police operation going on against drug trafficking and for his own security he will be moved to another location. Then he will be escorted to a cab which should take him to a “safe” place, but once in the cab he is in the hands of the criminal organization.

With the personal data and cell phone of the tourist, the criminals now start to pressure the victim, setting up a telephone conference with the family. They threaten to kill the victim and/or do harm to his family in Colombia – which they can locate via internet – if they do not pay the amount of $50,000.

The local police assured that the Colombian and Mexican Interpol have joined forces to put an end to these criminal activities.


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