The important Colombian scientist, Manuel Patarroyo asserted today that he is seriously considering the possibility of accepting the invitation of the Ecuadorian government to join the science and research projects in that country. The researcher and immunologist, Prince of Asturias Awards 1994, asserted that he has received before similar proposals from other countries, but it is the first time in 45 years that he takes into accounts one seriously.

patarroyo2_grandeHe assured he has already held talks with senior Ecuadorian agencies and in the near future will meet with President Rafael Correa.

The government of this neighbour nation is planning to join together 640 nationwide experts and from other parts of the world to channel the guidelines of an ambitious state policy of science and technology led by the Institute for Development, Technology and Innovation.

One of the aspects of this proposal which attracts Pararroyo more is that it is also extended to the working group of the Foundation of the Immunology Institute of Colombia (Fidic), with the development of the first synthetic vaccine to prevent malaria and in which he is working at this moment in an anti-malaria vaccine and in hundreds of immunological researches.