The Colombian President has been called in front of a Colombian High Court to explain the role he played in a failed justice reform bill, Colombian radio reported on Wednesday.

Juan Manuel Santos is just the latest high profile figure to be called up to testify in the proceedings against 12 Congressman who are facing corruption allegations over the failed bill, said Caracol Radio. The congressman are alleged to have extorted political favors, solicited bribes, and met behind closed doors to rewrite portions of the bill in ways that privileged their own interests and ignored those of their constituencies.

The controversy began last year, when six senators and six representatives were accused of abusing their role in the reconciliation process of a bill passed by both houses of Congress designed to reform Colombia’s judicial system.

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President Juan Manuel Santos eventually rejected the law, which the Constitutional Court agreed was in violation of the Constitution.

Now Santos will be called as a witness to explain his comments where he objected to the bill shortly before the reforms collapsed.

The Semana newspaper said given the complexity of the process, the high court has sought new evidence from four witnesses of “high caliber,” including President Santos, former Justice Minister Juan Carlos Esguerra and Polo Democrático congressman Jorge Robledo and German Navas Talero.


Santos será testigo en proceso contra conciliadores de reforma judicial (Caracol Radio)

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