Colombian President Juan Manuel Santoso objected to the judicial reform passed by the Congress of the Republic and called it unaceptable for the Government and the country.

In a radio-television address at about midnight, Santos said that for constitutionality advisability reasons, it will present objections to the Congress, regarding the legislative plan.

The president added that this is the first time in Colombia´s history that a head of State has been forced to make a decision of this kind.

Santos warned that if the regulation that changes the Constitution comes into effect, a huge collapse would take place, and reiterated that such changes are unacceptable for the country and the government.

Thus, the president expressed his disagreement with the articles that establish parliamentary immunity, the change of the ineligibility regime, and the changes in the judicial processes, because, he noted, they alter the nature of the reform.

For his part, Colombian Minister of Interior Federico Rengifo said today that the Congress legislated a controversial justice reform different from the one agreed by the House of Representatives and the Senate.