Colombian police have arrested a man who was allegedly buying the virginity of adolescents in the country’s capital Bogota, reported weekly Semana Tuesday.

The alleged sexual deviant, 45, was arrested by the Police of Children and Adolescents for paying adolescent girls from the ages of 13 to 16-years-old to take their virginity.

According to Semana, the man, who himself has three children, contacted a 13-year-old girl through a virtual social network and after various messages met with the adolescent and offered her nearly $400 to maintain a sexual relationship with him.

Police initially began the investigation of the sexual predator from an anonymous phone call they received approximately two months ago, made by a girl who claimed a student from her school in southern Bogota had been raped.

Investigators then established that the man had paid the minor for her virginity, which he is being charged for along with sexually abusing a minor under 14, and sexually exploiting a girl under 18.

However these were not the only cases that were discovered during the trial of the pedophile. Semana reported that during the judicial investigation, police discovered that the 45-year-old man coerced his first victim to convince other adolescents in her school to have sex with him, under the condition that they were virgins. She was then paid approximately $55 dollars for every adolescent she convinced to give up their virginity for money.

The criminal allegedly paid one of the adolescents he solicited approximately $556 to have sex with him.