A Colombian poet announced on Wednesday he is selling his testicles for $20,000 to gather money for a European tour.

The artist, Raffael Medina Brochero, said the money would be used to fund a tour through Europe while presenting “Poetry for Peace in Colombia.”

The poet from the northern department of Magdalena told Colombian radio station Caracol he will give his balls to the first person to offer him the desired amount.

According to the poet, he made the decision after a bad experience on his 2012 – South America tour. Having traveled through various countries in the continent, Medina found himself broke in Bolivia — something he is trying to prevent while in Europe.

In defense of his extraordinary decision, Medina said that his life was endangered in La Paz, Bolivia; he broke the laws of five different countries on the continent and sold his wedding ring in Peru – everything in order to spread his poetry.

After having been through these experiences, Medina decided it was necessary to sell his testicles in order to realize his dream and perform “Poetry for Peace in Colombia” in Europe.

The Colombian poet has published 11 books during his 35-year career.

Source: Colombia Reports