ivan-marquez19Peace talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the government continued today in Havana, Cuba, after optimistic remarks on the likelihood of reaching agreements.

A few minutes before stating talks yesterday at the customary Convention Palace venue, the leader of the guerrilla delegation, Ivan Marquez, suggested the possibility of reaching agreements on the issue of agricultural development at the end of the current sixth round, scheduled for this week.

Marquez showed optimism in this regard, as there have been gradual sustained progress and understandings on the land issue, the first on the agenda of the dialogue.

Referring to development in rural areas, Marquez defended the need to democratize urban-rural relations under the principle of territorial social justice.

Marquez also referred to the need to establish a bilateral ceasefire leading to avoid bloodshed and favour the development of talks started on November 19, with Cuba and Norway as guarantors.

The agenda of the talks also include guarantees for political participation, the end of armed conflict and the solution to the problem of illegal drugs, among others.

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