The National Navy of Colombia will start to increase its presence around the archipelago of San Andres, following President Juan Manuel Santos’ orders.

“I have given orders to the National Navy, said Santos in the just concluded Summit of Governors in San Andres, referring to denunciations made by Governor of San Andres, Aury Guerrero Bowie, abut alleged problems between local fishermen and Nicaraguan authorities.

Santos said he gave instructions to the Foreign Ministry to preserve respectful relations between Colombia and Nicaragua and security in the area.

In the past few days, fishermen from San Andres said that the Nicaraguan coast guard have been demanding permission for them to work in the area granted to Managua in November by the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Colombia was left with sovereignty over San Andres and its keys while Nicaragua broadened up to 200 nautical miles the extension of its waters in the Caribbean.

From the start, the government showed disagreement with the ruling. In its opinion, the decision made by the ICJ harms the rights of San Andres residents to their traditional sources of fishing.