Anderson Bryan Lever, alias ‘Mono Lever’ (Photo: Colprensa)

An alleged drug trafficker, wanted by the United States, Mexico and Colombia, was captured Sunday by the Colombian Navy in the Colombian Caribbean island state of San Andres.

Anderson Bryan Lever, alias “Mono Lever,” was caught after a 12 month investigation and now faces charges of drug trafficking, conspiracy and terrorism, said the navy.

Colombian authorities allege Mono Lever was the main kingpin in the Colombian Caribbean islands of San Andres and Providencia.

Mono Lever is also wanted for escaping a 13-year trafficking conviction in a Mexican prison. The US has had an drug related extradition order active since 2009.

Authorities said Mono Lever had been taken to Bogota.

His arrest came one day after Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said he was increasing manpower and adding several patrol boats and naval patrols in the San Andres archipelago to fight crime.

Last month alone, there were seven murders in San Andres, all thought to be linked to drug trafficking operations. The archipelago is used as a stop-off point for cocaine shipments coming from South America.  The drugs are then smuggled to nearby Central American countries like Nicaragua, Jamaica and Haiti.

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Analysis website Insight Crime claimed in January that the powerful neo-paramilitary group Urabeños had been fighting with rival drug-trafficking gangs the Paisas and the Rastrojos for control of the islands.


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