The National Museum of Colombia will celebrate its 190th anniversary with an exhibition of 90 original pieces of ancient Greek ceramics (V-IV century BC), on loaned from the Louvre. It will be the first exhibition of its kind at the cultural institution, one of the oldest in Latin America, founded in 1923 by the first Congress of the Republic.

The collection, especially designed for the Colombian museum, will open on July 10 and includes vases, bowls and vases depicting religious rituals of everyday life over centuries of that civilization’s history, as its director, Maria Robayo told reporters.

We wanted it to be an exhibition of ceramics because this particular art is a wonderful support that exposes all periods and tells all: the history, beliefs, culture, painting. The ceramics contain an inexhaustible wealth of issues, she said.

Robayo began negotiations with the Louvre two years ago, with the support of the French Embassy and in July 2012 Anne Coulié and Alexandra Kardianou, curators of the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman museum of Paris traveled to Bogota to explore the Colombian facilities and museum practices and agree to establish a working plan.

The exhibition will focus on three areas: the Olympic gods, religion in the city, and religion and the private sphere.

The pieces are distinguished by their technical and formal wealth, Rabayo said.