McDonald’s in Colombia has decided to adapt its menu to the local market and has introduced variations on numerous local foods in their new marketing platform, “Colombian Cravings,” news publication Portfolio reported Monday.

“The platform of “Colombian Cravings” is composed of some of the most recognized and traditional foods in our country: The classic McPollo Junior, hogao sauce, empanadas, sundaes with lulo sauce, nuggets with honey, and original and unique options like aji sauce, now available in our sauce bar,” said Mercedes Souto, marketing manager for the Andean Region.

According to Souto this strategy has been successful elsewhere in countries like Peru and Argentina.

“McDonald’s is always on the search for alternatives that fit local tastes and preferences of our customers. We have done this historically, we will continue to do this, it is an unmistakable sign of our ongoing commitment that we have with adults and children who visit our restaurants day after day,” said Souto.

McDonald’s has also chosen to feature a Colombian brand of coffee, Juan Valez Coffee, in their menu and according to Souto, “so far, the results are very positive.”

Although Colombian McDonald’s feature some traditional foods, the majority of their menu is still composed of the same products as their original American restaurants.

“It is important to note that about 70 percent of inputs used in our restaurants are national, many of the same brands and suppliers we use in our home restaurants. That gives us significant support in terms of quality and safety for our customers,” said Souto.

McDonald’s is only one of many companies increasing their investment in Colombia. “Colombia may become the third largest economy in the region, and we are investing to accompany this trend,” said Souto.

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