Hundreds of health workers today marched through the main streets of Bogota and other cities demanding the government to radically reform the Social Security Act.
Led by the secretaries of the sector in 13 Colombian departments, demonstrations take place without interrupting service delivery in health centers and public hospitals, said a spokesman of the march in the capital, Durango Jimenez.

Although the bulk of the personnel involved in the demonstrations, said, doctors, paramedics and nurses continue to meet the normal shifts in both emergency and outpatients and inpatients.

Meanwhile, the secretary in Bogota, Guillermo Jaramillo, said the aim of the protest is to demand once again the Government to local authorities manage the subsidized regime, to remove the barriers to access to health most vulnerable layers of the population.

In Bogotá , there are five Services Companies (EPS), responsible for operating a network to one million 251 thousand 930 people in poverty. Two of these are tapped, he said.

The third, Humana Vivir, was subjected to an audit process to revoke the permit for inefficiencies, breaches of contract agreed with the state and corruption, but to focus the National Health Intendence the problem in a way improper, the measures failed , he added.

For several months the hospital crisis bottomed out in the country. Of the 21 hospitals dedicated to public service in this capital, for example, only work 19, in deplorable conditions, according to official data.

Both in the capital and in the provinces continued allegations arise from socially unprotected population. In the northern department of Chocó, one of the most vulnerable, there have been deaths of children under age by closing labs and lack of instruments required to serve them.

Also many complaints from patients forced to wait in long lines to hospitals after a turn sometimes unattainable doctor and endless waits in emergency rooms or transfer from one hospital to another while wandering patients without treatment or preliminary examinations.

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