Bogota (Prensa Latina) – Rodrigo Granda, spokesman for the Colombian guerrilla in the peace talks with the government dismissed the allegation that they hold captive over 200 people.

“You speak of kidnapping while we are talking about retention,” said in statements to the local station Radio Blu.

“We believe that economic withholding had its role, but last February we said we were not going to do this any more. I challenge you to demonstrate if after that pronouncement, we continued to do it,” he said.

” Never forget,” he said, “that many people in the popular sectors are abducted or missing.” I myself was kidnapped by the Colombian State. agencies of Colombian intelligence, the army, police and common criminals do that too.”

“We are even ready to talk to the relatives. We have done a balance and in this moment no retained one is reported.”

“As for the topic of the transitional justice, he answered that every process that has been opened in Colombia has had a juridical frame, we are going to discuss that in the table.

We do not want to do speculations, but our interest is to attack the causes that have untied the conflict”, he said

We are ready to work in this direction with the family. It is a contribution we can make. However, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia are not responsible for producing the drug, he said.

“Cocaine trafficking they do, the gringos do it. Drug trafficking has permeated the whole life of the Colombian society. We have no relationship with the labs, “he said.

“We are a political and a military organization with clearly defined objectives. Drug trafficking is a billion dollar business that generates more money than arms trafficking, the rebel spokesman said.

“The solution is not repression and war,” he said.

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