Bogota – The top leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry, alias Timoleon Jimenez said that if the army, police and paramilitary forces go out of Cauca, the guerrillas will do it too.
If military operations, bombings and shootings, forced displacement and dispossession of land, crimes against the people and impunity stop in Colobia, it will make no sense the existence of the guerrillas, says Jimenez.

That puts him in a statement to the Association of Indigenous Councils of Cauca, dated July 20 in the mountains of the southwestern region of the country and posted on the website of the FARC-EP.

We believe that the Army should leave not only the indigenous communities, but the Colombian countryside, he says.

The natural mission is to garrison natural borders in defense of national sovereignty, but the ruling classes have become a powerful machine in the service of foreign interests, led directly by U.S generals, Jimenez added.

In response to claims of indigenous communities demanded that the FARC does not use any weapons at risk to civilians, Jones pointed out:

“We are a civilian population to which the state and paramilitary violence forced to rise. We could never harbor the idea of affecting innocent people. ”

“On this regard, we share completely their claim in full readiness to prevent the use of violence. But what should we do with the terrorist forces of occupation?, he asks.

“The FARC are not integrated by paid or recruited soldiers, but by simple people of Colombia, peasants, indigenous, blacks and mestizos who decided to confrot the agression with weapons”, he adds