colombia-paz-negociadorasTwo women appointed by the Juan Manuel Santos administration, Nigeria Renteria and Maria Paulina Riveros, will join the government delegation at peace talks with the FARC-EP in Havana. Santos announced today that the women elected to join the peace talks that began on Nov. 19, 2012, year, were appointed to do more than represent a group, “but also because of their merits and the positive contribution they can give this process, as I am sure will occur,” he said.

When referring to Riveros’s past work, Santos extolled her extensive experience in human rights issues, substitution of illicit crops, victims and territorial aspects. She is a lawyer, with a master’s in law and negotiations, and her experience will “reinforce our group at the peace talks on these topics, in which she has extensive experience,: said Santos.

He also highlighted the work of Renteria, who is at present High Presidential Adviser for Women’s Equality, who, he said, will represent the victims of the conflict, who are mostly women.

Santos stressed that Rentería, also a lawyer, will see that a gender and equity approach will be maintained in talks, while she will be going back and forth between Havana and Bogota to establish an adequate communication channel with women’s organizations that have a lot to contribute.

On Nov. 16, Santos had announced he would appoint a woman as member of the peace group to replace one of its members, Luis Carlos Villegas, who was appointed Colombian ambassador to the United States.

On Thursday, a new cycle of talks will begin at the permanent venue in Cuba, on the third point of the agenda: the solution to the problem of illegal drugs.

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