Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said today that the Government will pursue any threats to journalists and will preserve the right to freedom of speech. Speaking at a National Forum on the subject, Santos stated that “authorities are providing special protection for 90journalists”, and they will to apply the same measures to all those who require it.

The prosecution has all the instruments of the state to get to the bottom of the case, he said, noting that he specifically asked the Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre and Attorney Alejandro Ordóñez to investigate recent allegations.

Montealegre, meanwhile, did not rule out the threats attempt to undermine the peace process forward.

According to official figures, for 2010 to date 100 reporters were threatened and three of them killed.

The last of those executed, last Friday, was the announcer Alberto del Valle, Cali Planet Radio director, who was shot seven times at the exit of the station. He had received several threats before.

More than 130 journalists have been killed in Colombia in the last 30 years, mostly in remote areas of Bogota, where the practice of journalism is under constant threat. Many of these crimes remain unpunished so far.