The delegations of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the Government to the peace talks agreed to start a new cycle of dialogue in Cuba on Sunday, July 28. In a joint communiqué released today, the parties informed the new date, as the resumption of the talks was originally scheduled for July 22, as reported by the teams at the end of the eleventh cycle on July 9.

After having exchanged proposals about the second point in the agenda (political participation), the parties have worked separately to continue discussing the first sub item on the agenda, which envisages the rights and guarantees to exercise political opposition in general and in particular for the new movements that may emerge after the signing of the Final Agreement, as well as the access to the media.

The agenda of the peace talks, started in November last year, includes lad-related issues (already discussed), political participation, the attention to victims, drug trafficking and the end of armed conflict.

Cuba and Norway intervene as guarantors, and Venezuela and Chile are accompanying countries.

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