A man wanted by Colombian authorities was arrested at a really inconvenient time – during his week-long wedding reception.

Last week, Camilo “Fritanga” Torres was celebrating his wedding in the Caribbean with a number of soap opera stars and pop singers when he was arrested.

Torres, who has legally been “dead” since 2010, is believed to be the lead operative in Colombia’s Los Urabeños drug trafficking operation.

La isla de la rumba de ‘Fritanga

The celebrities at the lavish, $1.4 million party have since claimed they had no Torres was involved in the drug trade.

On the video below, he laughs when shown a photo of his old ID, saying he barely recognized himself as he hasn’t seen the card in years.

Torres was arrested on Colombia’s Caribbean island of Mucura, and Colombian officials are now trying to determine how he faked his death and who is responsible for his death certificate, which says he died of natural causes in Bogota.

The drug trafficker is also wanted by the U.S. government.