Oscar de Jesus Lopez (Photo: El Espectador)

Police on Thursday occupied and seized properties connected to a former Colombian governor with ties to paramilitary organizations, as part of a police action against criminal politicians, according to newspaper El Tiempo.

A special police Unit of Laundered Assets of Dijin had spent over a year tracking to the properties of Governor Oscar de Jesus Lopez of the southern state of Guaviare, determining which of his many properties had been acquired through money connected to paramilitaries, who helped him reach the governorship.

On top of a large farm, Dijin found more than 80 properties in the search, including houses, ranches, apartments, and lots that had been obtained through illegal means.

According to the report, one of the properties belonged to farmer Luis Armando Rincon, who had his property taken by paramilitaries in 2001. Today the property is listed for reclamation as part of the Victims’ Land and Restitution Law.

The properties were worth a total of $251 million and belonged to various associates of the disposed governor.

The ex-governor was captured in 2009, convicted in 2011, and released from prison last May.

As part of the action, police also seized property two hotels belonging to general Jorge Rodriguez who had been convicted of having links with paramilitary group, the AUC, and with deceased criminal boss Pedro Oliverio.


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