Alvaro Uribe security Colombia

Colombia will reduce the government provided security for former President and Senator-elect Alvaro Uribe and his family by 55% in the coming weeks, according to local media.

Currently, Colombia’s National Protection Unit (UNP) provides about 330 security guards for the entire family including armed police officers stationed at Uribe’s various country homes and constantly escorting his wife and children.

This number is expected to half in the coming weeks, according to Semana magazine, and the former president’s personal detail consisting of 140 police officers, will shrink to around 68.

Uribe, who just made history by becoming the first former president to be elected into the Senate,  has been called “easily the most threatened man in the country,” especially by guerrilla groups against whom he built his legacy fighting.

In November 2013, Colombia’s defense minister announced the discovery of a plot by the country’s oldest and largest living rebel group, the FARC, to kill Uribe.

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The government increased the politician’s security after receiving this news.

A member of Uribe’s newly created — and successful — political party, the Democratic Center (Centro Democratico -CD) has already spoken out about the decision.

“This news does not make us feel good, due to the threats of the guerrillas in various zones of the countries and other reasons,” said Paloma Valencia, Democratic Center senator-elect. 


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