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Centro Democratico congressional candidate Ernesto Macias, a close friend of former President Alvaro Uribe, has denounced two Uribe followers in congress for accepting bribes and government positions from President Santos in exchange for support, reported Silla Vacia Thursday.

Macias delivered a presentation this week to the Congressional Commission of Acussation where he detailed information on positions and money distributed to members of Congress in exchange for support passing legislation. Interestingly enough, included in his report were two members of Congress loyal to Uribe.

Among the accused stood Juan Carlos, debate chief for Centro Democratico presidential candidate Oscar Zuluaga, and conservative Senator Liliana Rendon.

According to the report, Velez was granted seven government positions for his affiliates, including positions in Antioquia and Uraba, and $1.3 million for highway funds. Macias also alleged she was granted approval of three government positions in connection with the scandal.

Rendon allegedly received $1.5 million for highway construction and $1.5 million for “for organization,” which according to Silla Vacia was not clearly defined.

Silla Vacia said the report delivered to the congressional accusatory committee was poorly edited and, furthermore, provided incomplete information.

Colombia’s ex-president Alvaro Uribe had already petitioned for a congressional criminal investigation of President Juan Manuel Santos in December accusing the president of granting government jobs to congress members aligned with his political coalition.

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