PRNewswire/ — As part of a new international strategy to attract new business and tourism, the Colombia Country Brand, a competitive tool of the National Government, is initiating a movement to show the world the positive change Colombia is experiencing.

The country is in a process of renovation, in a growing economy with ample possibilities of business, travel and investment.

“Today Colombia is full of positive facts that can be seen not only in the figures of economic growth, but in the confidence shown by the growing number of visitors in 2012. Today we want to share with the world, from Times Square, unique experiences that show we have the resources, the talent and the drive that demonstrate we are a reality, that we offer certainty and we are a solution; in a single sentence: The Answer is Colombia”, said Claudia Hoyos , General Manager of the Colombia Country Brand.

Between April 18 and April 28, through a novel interactive marketing action, the Colombia Country Brand will be the centre of attention in the heart of New York City’s emblematic Times Square.

To kick off festivities, two-time Latin Grammy winner, Fonseca, will be present along with coffee legend mascot Juan Valdez , Queen of the 2013 Barranquilla Carnival, Daniela Cepeda Tarud , and 5,000 Colombian flowers, to auction off six unique cultural experiences the country has to offer, giving the winner of each auction the chance to live it out.

During the week, between 3 – 5:00 p.m., visitors and tourists passing through the area of 46th Street and Broadway will find an interactive billboard, where videos of these six experiences will be shown. On the ground, Comedy Central comedian and cartoonist, Craig Baldo , will play the role of auctioneer, inviting people to participate by using their mobile devices.


Participants will open a mobile app (using their smartphones and tablets) connected to the social media profiles of the Colombia Country Brand, through which the participant will invite his or her friends to vote. The person who gets the most votes within 30 minutes wins an all-expenses paid trip to live the experience that was up for auction.

The experiences to be auctioned include:

  •     Sighting of Humpback Whales in the Colombian Pacific
  •     Bogota, through the eyes of the Ibero-American Theater Festival
  •     Live the Coffee Route and its cultural landscape
  •     Relive the historical magic of Cartagena, Mompox and the Colombian Caribbean
  •     Get to know Medellin, the most innovative city of the world in 2013
  •     Discover the largest group of megalithic religious monuments in San Agustin and Tierradentro, department of Huila

Additional Details about the Auction:

  •  Travelers will scan the QR code that will appear on the interactive billboard (or log in directly from their smartphone to the application
  •  There, travelers will find a video of the experience that is being auctioned. Travelers will share it on their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles and ask their friends to vote on their post.
  •  The first 30 minutes of each day will be an opportunity for people to sign up for the first auction of the day, and will be followed by three 30-minute long auctions. After the 30 minutes are up, the person with the most votes during that time will win the experience of a lifetime.
  •  Winner will receive a trip to Colombia that includes airline ticket, hotel, and a specially designed tour for each of the six experiences.

About The Country Colombian Brand:
The Colombia Country Brand is a competitiveness strategy of the national government aimed at telling the world that we are a modern, safe, free and equalitarian country with strong institutions and great opportunities for investors and tourists alike.

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