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Colombian authorities announced Monday they will begin investigating “sex roulette,” a newly discovered sex game played by minors that got a 14-year old girl accidentally pregnant.

Child protection services across the country have been alerted to the practice, which left a 14 year old girl impregnated after taking part in a ‘carrousel’ in Colombia’s second city, Medellin. The girl told local press on Friday that she didn’t think she could get pregnant as “it was only for a short time, just a game.”

According to Dr. Luz Marina Pelaez, director of a government sexual health program in Medellin, the practice is far from new, stating:  “we have been hearing of cases like this for the past year, usually through reports from pregnant girls.”

The game, which reportedly consists of girls dancing in a circle while men take turns having sex with each of them, is common “at parties, in country houses or in places where there are no adults present” said Pelaez, adding that it “has its variations, but essentially it is group sex, which for the most part occurs indiscriminately and without any protection.”

Adriana Monsalve, the director of Colombia’s social services institution (ICBF) revealed in the wake of the case that they have been aware of the practice for some time, and have begun to sweep the country in an attempt to identify more cases.

“This was not an isolated case… We know for sure that this is happening, including in other cities like Bogota and Cali” said Monsalve, adding that since Medellin story broke the ICBF has also received complaints from other parts of the country, including the coffee region.

According to statistics from Medellin’s health secretary, nearly 7,000 women between the ages of 10 and 19 got pregnant last year, of which 82.5% were ended through clandestine abortions.

While no statistics currently exist linking the amount of teen pregnancies or contractions of sexual diseases to the game known as ‘sex roulette’, steps are being taken by social services, sexual health organizations and child protection institutions across the country to discover the extent of this trend.

Source: Colombia Reports

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