Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday announced a $2.3 billion investment to improve the country’s public security.

The president said that the investment was a joint initiative of the national government and 24 cities. The investment is meant to improve security of the cities wose combined crimes make up 60 % of Colombia’s total crimes.

Santos said that the investment would go towards “the overall improvement of security and peaceful coexistence.”

The Colombian head-of-state stated that one of the security measures was an increase in the number of policemen.

“The police wanted to increase with 25,000 new police officers, of which 10,000 have already been delivered,” the president said to those attending the seminar on prevention of crime and violence.

According to the president, the increase in cops have already had a positive impact in terms of reducing residential burglaries, vehicle thefts and reduced traffic deaths.

Santos made the announcement during a seminar on prevention of crime and violence in the troubled city of Cali, traditionally one of the most violent cities in the country.

Source: Colombia Reports