Marketing company FutureBrand on Tuesday tipped Colombia as one of the future’s leading country brands.

FutureBrand’s Future 15

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Chile
  3. Malaysia
  4. Qatar
  5. Estonia
  6. China
  7. Iceland
  8. Mexico
  9. Brazil
  10. Turkey
  11. Thailand
  12. Colombia
  13. India
  14. Kazakhstan
  15. Vietnam

The country, currently ranking 82 in the FutureBrand global country brand index, “has shown the world what effective governance can accomplish in a short amount of time. While security is still a concern for the country, a stable government with popular support has helped Colombia make significant steps in the right direction,” said FutureBrand in its 2012/2013 report.

The marketing company ranked Colombia 12 in a list of 15 countries whose brand is likely to improve in the future.

The “Future 15 country brands are drawn from around the world and represent nations we’ve identified as having great potential across a variety of areas,” according to FutureBrand.

The marketing company said that “while security will continue to be an issue in the country for years to come, new policies and strategies are beginning to breed stability and prosperity for Colombia’s residents.”

FutureBrand particularly praised urban projects that have made Colombia “a model for urban planners around the globe.”

Colombia has implemented several strategies over the past decade to improve its image abroad. Since President Juan Manuel Santos took office in August 2010, a new agency was created to upgrade the country’s brand. An campaign promoting Colombia internationally was due to premiere in November.

Via Colombia Reports

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