Colombia kicked off a campaign on Monday to raise local awareness about the importance of keeping tourist sites clean.

Vice-Minister of Tourism Sandra Howard presented the “Clean Colombia”campaign in the capital Bogota where she and other government employees handed out leaflets to tourists and locals alike.

Meanwhile, workers picked up of three metric tons of litter lying around on Bogota’s central Bolivar Square, one of the city’s most important tourist sites.

The idea of the campaign is to increase awareness about, for example, littering, especially in areas frequently visited by tourists.

Colombia received 12% more foreign visitors in 2015

Additionally, the campaign seeks to increase garbage collection, which according to the ministry has already in the removal of 250 metric tons of rubbish scattered around tourist sites along the Caribbean coast and Melgar, a town popular among local tourists southwest of Bogota.

Colombia is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. The trade ministry is trying to make sure the country’s relatively new international tourism industry and locals, increase efforts to make sure foreign visitors leave the country with a good impression.

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