The Colombian State Council is re-investigating a case against the state, claiming that inadequate levels of security resulted in the kidnap and murder of 11 politicians, El Espectador newspaper reported Wednesday.

The Third Division of the State Council has launched a revision of the lawsuit filed against the state for the kidnapping and murder of 11 politicians, executed by Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC. 

During the next few days the high court will begin collecting evidence, to determine whether there are substantial claims against the Ministry of Defense, the National Police and the Government of Valle.

According to El Espectador, the ruling stated that although the death of the 11 political representatives were not directly executed by the state, there was an insufficient level of security.

The officials were kidnapped on April 11 2002, by a group of FARC members who entered the Cali Assembly dressed in military uniform. The rebel group announced that there was a bomb in the building and proceeded to evacuate the politicians to “safety,” on a bus heading out of the city. The deputy officials were later informed that they were being kidnapped.

A FARC release June 28 2007, stated that the 11 politicians had died 10 days before in the midst of a military crossfire, during a raid on the guerrilla camp. The FARC did not identify the “military group was.” It was later determined that the government officials had been shot at close range and buried in a mass grave.

The State Council aim to modify the judgement delivered September 2013, in which the Administrative Court overturned the ruling that demanded compensation to be paid to the Police, the Ministry of Defense and the Valle Government for the death of their loved ones.


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