(Photo: Ministry for Information Technology and Telecommunications)

Colombian entrepreneurs and software developers presented innovations and ideas to investors and businessmen at an event organized by the ICT Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the Apps.co initiative led by the ministry and the Vive Digital plan—a four year government plan looking to develop Colombia’s use of the digital systems— has been supporting Colombia’s regional developers to expose their ideas. 

The initiative, which has a entrepreneurial community of 55,000, “stimulates the regional entrepreneurs to solve local problems and convert their developments into sustainable businesses,” said Minister Diego Molano Vega.

Held in the capital Bogota, the “Demo Day” allowed developers like Marco Jaramillo, director of “EgoCity”— a multi-platform publication focusing on informing and connecting people on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues—to share their ideas and the reasons for creating them.

The EgoCity website, mobile app, and the soon to be published magazine looks to inform the public on world and local LGBT news, issues, fashion, and connect and support members of the Colombian LGBT community.

A number of the top innovations on display Demo Day looked at helping disabled members of the community. Web-based applications such as “V-Sordos” designed to teach spanish to deaf people, and application “Vision”, a computer tool designed by students from Bucaramanga to help children with visual disabilities.

Other web and mobile applications, such as “Suganet”, which allows the offer and sale of livestock from auctions throughout the country, focused more on the developing the business sphere.

Through Apps.co, the government has commercially validated 684 entrepreneurship projects, and has contributed to 85 companies, generating sales of nearly $740,000 in 2013, according to the ministry.


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