Guerrilla leader Simon Trinidad, extradited to the United States, affirmed to be willing to participate in the government-guerrilla peace talks during a virtual hearing for the alleged kidnapping of two army officers in the northern department of Cesar.

From the maximum security prison in California, where he serves a 60-year sentence, Trinidad read a letter addressed to President Juan Manuel Santos, expressing the possibility that he could provide more proposals to the current peace process to begin on October 8 in Oslo, Norway.

On September 6, delegates of the guerrilla announced Simon Trinidad among their negotiators to the peace talks agreed with the government of Colombia.

Trinidad underlined that Colombia’s General Attorney Eduardo Montealegre told him he could participate in the negotiations through virtual technology.

By law, it is feasible that Trinidad’s status as representative of the guerrilla is recognized, but that depends on the will of the United States to allow it or not.