Colombia Reports (CR) has agreed to let its content be syndicated by a number of paywall newswires like BBC Monitoring and Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS).

Both newswires have been given access to integrated CR feeds, allowing them to integrally display content from the website as it is published.

Colombia Reports, one of the largest news websites in English in Latin America, hopes that through these syndication initiatives, the website’s content increasingly reaches a professional audience seeking news on Colombia on platforms other than that of this website, said CR Chairman Conrad Egusa.

“Colombia Reports has been very successful in reaching audiences interested in what’s going on in Colombia. By allowing publications such as the BBC to syndicate our content we’re better able to target specific audiences.” said Egusa.

In the cases of both BBC Monitoring and EMIS, the CR content will appear to paid subscribers of the newswire service.

The BBC wire is used to inform the organization itself and the British government. The EMIS wire targets international businesses with an interest in emerging markets.

According to Egusa, talks are ongoing with other international business publications to expand CR’s worldwide coverage.

Colombia Reports is Colombia’s main news outlet in English. The digital publication was founded in 2008.

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