COLOMBIA NEWS  – While Colombia has no laws providing for same-sex marriage, the British Embassy in Colombia is on the list of approved UK consulates allowing same-sex marriages.

lebso-620x349In Colombia, as a result of subsequent rulings by the country’s Constitutional Court that started on February 2007, same-sex couples can apply for all the rights that heterosexual couples have in de facto unions (uniones de hecho). According to the 1991 Constitution, “de facto unions” are legally equal to marriages.  Same-sex couples in Colombia have been progressively getting married due to a Constitutional Court ruling that in 2011 established the Family status of same-sex couples and remarked the needed of a “solemn contract” that supply the disadvantage of those couples with respect of opposite sex couples, the National Congress did not correct the disadvantage, then since 2013 judges have to decide descretionally on the matter, many of them performing same sex marriages,despite of conservative groups and General Inspector opposition

On Friday the first ever same-sex marriage in a British consulate took place in Sydney, Australia. Peter Fraser and Gordon Stevenson were married at the Sydney consulate after meeting in 1995 when they met by chance in a pub.

The British Embassy in Colombia says it has not performed any same-sex marriages as yet.

Among a list of host countries which allow same-sex marriage ceremonies to take place in British consulates is Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, and Vietnam.

This list of countries is limited because British missions are only able to provide a same sex marriage service in countries where it is not possible for British nationals to have such a marriage under local law and where the local authorities have given permission for the missions to conduct consular marriages of same sex couples.

Couples need to be resident in the Consular District.